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M&F Talent Partners

M&F Talent provides an unmatched level of knowledge with our recruitment capabilities. Because of this, we have a diverse team background in technical recruitment, ancillary sales, and cannabis writing. M&F Talent differentiates ourselves from other staffing agencies through our operational excellence and technical capabilities. Similarly, our talent network in the hydroponics equipment industry and cannabis space look to us as trusted friends simply because we are a part of the industry.

M&F Talent offers “a breath of fresh air” in humbleness and practical experience in this new industry. To this end, unlike less experienced staffing agencies, our clients can trust us to help them make difficult decisions in hiring. Similarly, candidates put their faith in us that we will find them a career in which they will thrive. These necessary contingencies in recruitment success hinge on the fact that we understand the market and are passionate about what we do.

Company: M&F Talent Partners
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State: Illinois
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